Ahhhh GLad to be back! *sigh*

Hey its me (previously mustangiicrazy)

Haven’t been on here in forever, just noticed everything got updated! This is great! Missed everyone (except a few people, which I’m sure goes the same vice versa) but overall missed this place bigtime. How has everyone been???

Not really sure if we ever conversed but I’m doin good, you? lol… :slight_smile:

welcome back!


Hah, doing good, getting ready to take my girlfriend out to dinner. w00t! Other than that, ran ALL over town looking for 7.5" x 2.5" PVC pipe for my air resonator, lol! I’d rather do aluminum, but either way, i looked all over the place, NO SINGLE hardware store in the ENTIRE town had a piece of 2.5" diameter pvc pipe. Guess I’ll find something to fit the intake and make my own and mess around a bit with the stock and have some fun. Don’t want to do cold air because I’ve heard a few stories of the Zetec running a bit too rich on the stock chip on a 99, whether they are true or not I have no idea.

Anyway, yep.

I dont think they make PVC in 1/2 inch increments… i could be wrong though, but thats more then likely why you cant find it.


I’ve seen mods done with it, isn’t it 2.5? i’ve seen 3.5 and 1.5 but never 2.5, seems to be hard to get.

I’ve got a '99 and haven’t had an code throws due to richness. I ran it for 2 years on the stock computer with the CTA intake and custom exhaust, then last August I installed a Diablo chip, then this spring a header and still no code throws…

Also…good to see you back again! :slight_smile:

  • Darron