After a bit of research, glad i'm not alone (gas needle)

So I was looking around wondering if I’m the only one at 100k to have oddities with my gas needle.

Apparently the little sucker lies sometimes about how much gas is in there but here’s something I found odd… If you turn the car OFF at a stop (only if no one is around) and back on, the needle goes to the correct amount of gas… but then 5 minutes later it will lie to you again.

So apparently there is no fix… at least not that i’m aware of.

But saw a 5 page thread on one forum about it and another 3 page thread on teamzx2.

(edit) and sometimes it gets stuck at 3/4 tank… and then magically works again 2 hours later.

I know after a few manuevers and drag launchees my needle will decrease only because the gasoline is pushed to the back of the car and the level sensor dips downward and shows less on the gauge. After I let the car sit for about a minute the lever (the level sensor) will settle back on top and the gauge will go back up.

I’m approching 36k and I have the same issue. I happens under hard accleration or parking on a unlevel ground. It’s nothing to worry about. Just watch your TRIP mileage if you are worried.

Well I don’t consider 15 minute drive to work anything to worry about lol, just glad I’m not alone, for a while I was like “Great, I’ve got an oddball…” and saw these threads and was like “WHOA!”