active forum chat

the one forum I goto for my Katana has a chat box at the top of the forum window. It is almost a real time chat that gets used alot. what are the possibilities of doing something like that?

I know we have tried to chat room thing before with little success, but I think the active ‘forum’ chat might work out.

check it out, its pretty cool!

that sounds good… i think it’d be alot easier… maybe… but im sure there are down sides also.

I’ll see what i can do for you guys.

sounds like a good idea, btw, why r the avatars showing up as X’s

The gallery got reset.

  • Darron

so to fix it i need to… :?

Re-Upload your Avatar


Active Chat is working great.

Can you change the Forum so that if you aren’t in it; you can click “Chat” and it reloads with the chat feature and vice versa?