accell coil pack fitment

intrested in using the product

Where did you get the idea that it won’t work?

myself and others have the Accell and it fit’s like oem. And all zx2’s are the same only the 98 early 99’s had small diferences from all others.

thanks roush. my misinformation came from an accel tech support guy.i actually have one off of my 95 lx. there are three pictures on the instructions and mine doesnt look like the early or late 4 cyl. applications. it looks like the one for the 8 cylinder application :? :? :? :? :?

I just installed an MDS Coil pack from ZXTuner. I’ve noticed a slight pickup in acceleration but most apparent is the improved idle. Weather that is due to the stock one being in bad shape (and I mean BAD) I don’t know, but I’m happy.

Many tuners have had a problem with the Accel coil pack burning out. I have never heard of this problem with the MSD. I have also seen first hand a Screamin’ Demon coil detonate one of the coil towers. It isn’t pretty.

the best ignition coils are made be crane…

But I don’t re-call Crane making a coil pack for the Zx2. Plenty of ignition coils but no packs.

extremely hard to get but there out there i have one…

I’ve usd msd products on my fbodys never had any problems

Accel coil packs will lose power on a ZX2 engine…

The MSD seemed to make starts harder (I replaced a stocker with only about 15,000 miles) and the idle a bit rougher… But then again, I did switch the plugs to Bosch 4+, so yeah, it could have been that. The MSD is holding up well in Jens car though, it’s still kickin.