about to burn my zx2

ok so whrn i bout my zx2 it did not run the boy that had it before me had a lot of wires cut and spiced togather i got it runing but the gadges were not working so i thor the warning back apart and did not find any thing worng so i put it back togather now it with start up and run for like 5 t 10 mins a shut off then start back up after it sitnd for a min to two. pezz help.

habla 'englais?

i can’t understand what it is you’re trying to say…

right now my problems r that the the gas temp and tact des not work and it will start up up it shuts it selfoff after 5 to 10 mins then when i let it set for like 2 mins it starts back up

We have to know what’s missing before we can find out why. When the car quits you need to determine whether it still has spark and fuel. What sort of test instruments do you have at your disposal and do you know how to use them.

well i now it got fuel becuse i tool the fuel line off at the filter and turn the key over and it came out was going to check for power at coil but test light would not work so when i get new one i am going test it

ok the put the test light on the power wire going to the coil and no power. i allso seen and someone on here had a buzzing comeing for thr ccm mine is doing the same thing