A Rebuilt Motor/ Crate Engine

I want to get my motor rebuilt or buy one off the internet with alot more hoursepower than my stock 2.0 DOHC I have a 98 zx2 and got all bolt-ons and not satisfied. I dont have a chip put in yet but I know I want be satisfied with it once in. Im wanting over 200 HP. Is there a site with crate engines for our zx2’s zetec motors. Iv’e been searching for about 2 days now. But if someone out there knows a place that would be great. Thanks

a turbo kit is your only option for 200+

Have you talked to these guys? http://htperformance.net/index.php?opti … &Itemid=51

For max power, you can expect to lose the VCT and use custom programming/tuning along with some head work. The Brit’s have been running Zetecs since they were 1600cc.

A turbo is not his only hope to make over 200 hp with a well tuned and Well built Mechanically Tuned Engine you can see numbers well into the mid to high 200 hp.

I don’t know where you are geting your info. But to be able to do that (NA) it’s goin to cost him a shit ton of money!

In all reality your best bet to get a new motor is to get a stock focus motor off eBay ($750) and swap over your windage tray and head. Or you could keep the focus head for more cam options etc.

did I say it would be cheap? No I just said going turbo isnt his only option.

With enough money, most anything is attainable for an application. I think is the point he was making. But for budget and availability purposes, the most common is indeed turbo applications due to flexibility.

I am not aware directly of crate motors for such a thing, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t out there somewhere.

yeah the others are called v6/8’s. if you can find a n/a zetec with 200+, especially a zx2, i’d love to see it

There was a guy over at teamzx2 i remember had 192hp or something around there. It’s a lot NA though.

yeah and that is with almost all bolt-ons wasn’t it? Like a Gude Header package and Cams Cam gears and a custom ECU reprogram. Think he got this from Something Focus out there in California (SoCal, Pretty close to Rob from ZxTuner I believe) But yeah he was able to smoke pretty much anything out there. And if you get rid of some weight (1st stage weight redux that you can do yourself) And you would be able to get very responsive performance. Im just Biased in my opinion here. I like Turbo applications but I dont think it is safe If I am going to do something it going to be all out and made so it can run safe for a long time. So being me if I went Turbo I would Upgrade all the internals even if I kept the boost below 12psi. Like I said that is just me. So N/A for me is the way to go. I just like it. Now if I was doing my 2000 V6 Eclipse or an 3rd gen Eclipse with a 4g63 I would boost the hell out of it The 4g63 is pretty much bullet proof. And the V6 I can just see making some good numbers and have the flexibility to go single or twin setup there. But I just dont feel comfortable doing it to a Zx2. I think anything over 15psi maybe would be heavy torque steer.(Am I wrong on this guys? Its just what I can picture. I mean anything over 275 hp seems like it would be hard to control on a FF Zx2)

Try going on www.focus/power.com and click on the options for the zx2. they have complete engines, short and long blocks, port and polished heads, plus more. they have a couple zx2s pushing over 300+hp and focus’s pushing 500whp. Its in North Carolina, i’m going there this fall to get work done.

My bad its focus-power.com