A few ZX2 stories, one war two funny

Well the other day I decided to take a road trip by myself. I headed down 17 east towards middletown, NY. Middletown is a good 45 mins away (Mike Woodbury is another 15 beyond that). So I get to an on ramp on 17 in Monticello, NY (about the halfway point to middletown and I see the older 4 door accord (early 90’s im guessing) getting on Rt. 17. All the while pushing the car in front of him. He tried to swing out in to the passing lane damn near side swiping an SUV. When he realized that manuver wasn’t going to work he back off and let the SUV go ahead and pull into the slow lane. I slowly caught up to him about 5 miles later, and crept ahead of him. He saw a cop in the median and slammed on his brakes, then we both crested a hill and the cop was out of sight. I slowly started to pic up speed and I realized that this punk was doing the same thing trying to pace me. I said screw this after seeing what he had just done a few miles back and dropped it into 4th. 75, 80, 85, 90, 100, 110… I didnt just walk away from him I frigging Jogged. This was only for a few moments, but I was amazed at myself. I thought the limiter would have kicked in.

Anyway the kid drove away looking pissed off.

Now for another story completely different. I pull into Walmart tonight and find a spot where there are 4 spots open. I pull into the bottom spot and I look over and see a kid in a stock zx2. The kid gives me the nod, backs out as I get out of my car and does a small tire chirp. weak…

I hear the kid pulling down the hill so I yelled out “must be nice to be stock?” I know cruel…

And for another one after I left walmart I decided I needed to get something to eat so I stopped at Wendy’s. Well from Wendy’s I turn right to head up to the on ramp for 17w in Liberty. Immediately out of Wendy’s drive through is a gas station on the right, a taco bell on the left and a strip mall on the right. This is all within 500 feet from Wendy’s. So I pull out and step on the gas bring my rpms up to about 5500 and realized that the light right after the taco bell was red and there was traffic in front of me. Instead of shifting I decided to wind out 1st. As I get to the Taco Bell I hear some yell “YOU NEED TO SHIFT!!!”. All I could do was bust out laughing.

ricers in 4 doorslol they think they can take on any thing lol