A few Pics of My 98 Zx2

Hey guys im new here found the site on teamzx2.com ive been there for a while figured id stop over here and say hi.

My mods are listed in my Sig but my latest one is The Eibach Prokit & Tociko S/R struts. This is def my favorite mod so far.







Lemme Kno what ya think. :smiley:

Clean car! Welcome to the board!

Welcome to the site!

Welcome, nice interior!

Welcome to the site. I agree clean car:)


Jayco welcomes you.

Jayco welcomes you.

In the thrid person, huh?

When Jayco speaks Jayco’s audience welcomes, understand?! :x

Don’t be messin with the Co. :mrgreen:

thanks for the comments guys!

Pretty nice color…

I have NEVER seen a blue interior in this car… WTF haha.

Blue is the rarest interior color on the ZX2 only made in 98. I’t just another one of those 98 rearity things