A few pic of the new family member

WE’ll We kind of adapted the dog after the wifes grandfather broke his hip and cant look after it anymore. and the baby got attatched to it so we got a 11 yr old Golden Retriver.




sorry to hear about your wifes grandfather, broken hips are rough! The dog & Baby look like they will have fun together!

Looks like a good dog. Wish your famliy well too!

the dog (dudy as the bby calls him) real name is buddy and colin are inseperatrable. where ever the baby goes the dog is right there. The dog is great very lovable just a big teddy bear. As far as the wifes granddad its up in the air if he will ever walk again. but the bad thing is if he does comehome we think he will want the dog back. WE just hope he will let us keep ythe dog

Awww!!:slight_smile: How cute!!
It would be kinda hard to take care of the dog if he can’t walk. Maybe if he does say something about getting the dog back you could just tell him how attatched Colin has gotten to him. He probably wont want to risk disappointing his great grandson. Glad that you guys are happy with the dog:)


i saw the dog today! that dog is a riot! has HUGE paws! Very affectionate and very playful!

Yea mark i think the god liked you to.

And miranda unfortunatly my wifes grandfather is a bastered and it wouldnt suprise me if he asked for the dog back. So it might not have been the smartest idea to bring the dog home but the rest of my wifes familt asked us. It was to late after the 1st time they met thiose 2 were inseperatable both cryed when it was time to seperate them. It’s doutful he’ll come home most his age dont recover enough from hip replacement to walk again. So i think there going to put him in a assisted living home. Not a nursing home. It’s for ppl who just need extra help 24hr a day

Too bad it’s an older dog. Big dogs don’t typically last very long over 10-11. I know my dog (rottweiler, lab, german shepard mix) is a bigger dog about 13, but getting around is very tough for her. Hopefully Buddy and Colin will be able to have a few great years together. And hopefully Colin will be old enough to understand/cope when that unfortunate time comes.

As for the human involved…let’s hope he’s not quite the bastard you think he is.

Congrats on the “new” addition. Dog’s are great. Have fun with all the fur! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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dogz rocketh…very cute pup btw…