A fast ZX2?

Please do not think i am bashing ZX2’s. I love em, my first car was a zx2, and ive had a few other cars since then, and now im looking to get another zx2 for “fun.” Im bigger into drag racing and have yet to see or read of a zx2 to really impress me. right now, i have a 99GTP running 13 lbs of boost with minor mods running mid 13’s on street tires, its reliable and gets good gas milage. Im looking for another reliable project. My first ZX2 was an auto and ive always wanted a 5 speed so im looking into that. My current project is a 1971 mustang



I did a hell of a lot of work to fix this muscle car up and im figuring out its not for me, im not a muscle car guy, im more of a 4,6 cyl boosting kind of modern muscle guy( if thats a type)

**Anyways, im looking for someone to show me some ZX2’s that could show me the performance aspects on boost alone. I have about a 10-11k$ budget to work with for my project ZX2. My first zx2 was 3k$ with 58k miles, so i look to find one about the same and have 6-7k$ left over for mods. Id like to look into a turbo setup and a full suspension change for autocrossing. I had big plans with mine a few years ago and didnt have the $$, now i do and im ready for one hell of a zx2.
Can a zx2 run 13’s easy after modding? to me this project wouldnt be worth it if it didnt run atleast 13.5 on street tires with less than 8 lbs of boost. can that be achieved? please give me some info on what setup ud shoot for n why. My total goal is to get as fast or faster than the GTP w/ a very good suspension for autocrossing and still have a small car thats very easy to handle. -Jon

o, and if anyone cares, heres my gtp(with ford rims- i love em)




Glad to hear you looking to get back into a ZX2. It looks like you have alot of this planned out, at least financially. There are some people in the community that you could talk to. Probably one of the best to talk to about Boost would be KickerZX2. Kicker mostly hangs out on Teamzx2.com I believe.

BTW nice mustang!

Sure, with enough patience you can have your Zx2 put down the same time or better than your GTP.

11 Sec Zx2

one vid! gives me some hope, but thats probably gutted! lets see how far i can get on stock internals and not much weight reduction. or just first start with forged internals? -Jon

Things to note, you need to get a 99.5 and up. It has more tuning options. Also you can get with Turbo Tom, he is a big time boost and tunning guy to the focus people. He knows SCT like the back of his hand, and has builded a 300whp focus on stock internals. For the record thos internals are the same as the ZX2’s.

Hey Stomper…

Why does a 99.5 and up have more tuning options???

MAF sensor is one reason.

To my knowledge, pre 99.5 has can only use preburn chips. were as the modles after 99.5 can use Excaliber2, live Wire, Pro Racer, and Advantage 3. All these things allow you to tune your vehical at a dyno, then take it home and make slight changes (or major ones) at your descresion. Hell if you have the skills you can tune your car your self with out a dyno.

I’ll give it to you that the MAF is quicker on datalogging, but other than that… if you’re going F/I and run XCAL2, there isn’t an advantage to 99.5+, other than the above mentioned

then a lot has changed seanse feb04. thats when I lost my 98. cool

Beware of Turbo Tom. I haven’t had any personal experience with him, but his tuning ethics seem… less than ideal.

But yeah, Kicker is the man to talk to. He knows more about the Z than anybody I know. My wife knows him, and says he is a good guy. He beats EVOs, so he must know something…

I have a ZX2 with 7lbs running 189hp, 196tq at the wheels with sniper tuning . I’m sure with some heavy duty arp bolts and a pnp head with 12lbs of boost with a fresh engine will yeild at least 300 hp ,310tq.

I get almost 200 whp in mine, but it’s a completely new engine. It is possible without forced induction, but not cheap (neither is a turbo, though). Mine ran a 13.9 last weekend!

goto Youtube.com and do a search for Kickerzx2 you will find a zxt runing in the 11s