A/C Issues

It finally got hot today, and I flipped on the A/C. It blows, but no cold air. I think I hear a hissing sound up above the throttle body, where all the tubes plug into the firewall. I know the A/C is good, it was serviced like 5 months ago, and the only thing done that might have caused a problem is my dad and I replacing the manifold a few weeks ago. Anyone else have any imput?

Is it blowing air out of the vents at all? if not, then check the vacume line on the back of the Mani, it will be the bottum left as you look at the engine, I just used a new hose clamp

Its blowing all right, just not cold air.

Everythings hooked up just no A/C. Does anyone know which one of these is the A/C line?



if it is blowing okay it but no cold air it could be a small leak in your A/C lines. You need to get your hand on a set of A/C gauges and check your line pressure… That hiss would be an indication of a refrigerant leak as well as the vaccum leak.

I’ll check the auto parts store for a set. How do they work? Instructions probably come with it. I so don’t have time for this right now. :x

did you put a dye into to find the leak

Hadn’t thought of that. Where to I put it in?

two ways one is through the low pressure port you can get it form advance auto parts or autozone