A/C Compressor

my A/C compressor is screwed up. i was wondering if i could just take out the clutch and just make the pulley spin freely. if that’ll work, please let me know so i dont have to buy a compressor.

buy an ac eliminator

where would i get one?

Zxtuner has one.

I met a guy at the one Autocross event that I went to (didn’t participate by the way, but he did). He had deleted his A/C, but he didn’t buy the eliminator kit. Instead he took everything off including the part with the pully. Then he took that apart and gutted it effectively eliminating the A/C without having to buy anything.

  • Darron

Sounds like a rather effective weight improvement.

I understand it’s about 40lbs in weight savings. Plus if you scrap that piping you’ll get some fat cash 'cause it’s aluminum…since mine doesn’t work anyway, I should delete it and scrap the piping…

  • Darron

actuall the compressor, lines and the condensor are all aluminum…

I didn’t know it was ALL alum…hmm…

  • Darron