A big thanks to Rob

Just thought I’d post up, I found out my old Essy pulley had been eaten by/was eating my timing belt and was in dire need of a new one Thursday night. I texted Rob Friday afternoon and he said he’d be able to ship it out then. Monday rolls around and BAM there’s the pulley in the mail, Cali to NC over the weekend. I’d just like to give a big thanks to Rob on a part you can’t even get anywhere else and super fast service. It’s now on the car and lil blue is happy again :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet… He has done it for me a couple of times

Well a little late replying the compliment, but thank you for the biz and glad you’re back on the road.


If your T-belt is riding the guide on your crank pulley, most likely your idler pulley bearing is getting worn and causing the belt to ride out on the pulleys. I love my Essy’!