99 ZX2 Sport auto REDUCED $350

99 zx2 sport auto, every option except cd changer, 44K miles, wrecked in 2003, I welded a new front clip on and did all the frame work. The new fenders and hood and bumper cover are hung, but not secured. Interior is missing a few pieces. This car has a PA R-title. What that means is the vehicle once was branded with a salvage title, but was reconstructed to give it the R-title status. This means the car doesn’t need any additional paperwork to get a liscence plate for it. It also means the car isn’t worth more than $800. The car does need some parts to finish it. The interior is disassembled and doesn’t match the car. Engine and tranny have 44K miles on them, and both work flawlessly. The windshield has less than 500 miles on it. the rear clip is flawless, but missing the stock spoiler.

Honestly, this should be used for parts. I already did the hard part, cutting off the front frame rails, hanging the motor, welding on a new front clip frame section, and reinstalling all teh wiring harnesses, painted the inner structure to match car. Unless you are a good bodyman, don’t even think of buying this car. You need skills to finish this. I will include what is remaining of a quart of PPG DBU Ash gold Metallic base coat. You will need DR-1170 basecoat reducer and clear coat system separately.

I’m asking $800, but I’m open to offers. It’s for sale locally for $1000, and the front clip is advertised on car-part.com for $1200, which is one of the lowest prices for a front clip. I just figured someone here wanted a shot at a cheap rebuilder or parts car.

pictures by email. email me, if you want pictures. jphillis68@hotmail.com

where in pittsburgh are you from? I might want to take a look at it

I am out towards Post Gazette Pavillion, Star Lake amphitheatre; in Burgettstown. Where are you from?

IF you wanna take a look, let me know. I have a guy who wants to buy it finished for $1500, but I don’t know if I want to do all the work. If you make me a cash offer, I might take it. I am pretty open to anything. Also. I have about 15 other cars you might be interested in. some are wrecks, others are not, but make me an offer and who knows. I’ll take much less than anyone else, if I know a good Ford man is getting the car!

Thank Dean,

PS PM me for telephone number. we’ll talk.


price reduced


good for parts.

here’s a picture.


PM sent

this car does not run or move. you need to tow it where it is going. it wouldn’t take much to get it to run, but I don’t have the wiring harness end that was smashed in the wreck. jayco said he had one for $5-15 I think. It’s a cheap part. I just don’t want to sink another dime into this thing.

could you please give us a list of what is wrong with the car…

yea what wiring harness i am also fallowing this tread closley.

this is what’s up.

  1. The park-neutral-safety switch on the transmission needs replaced. I have the new one. the shift shaft also needs removed from the tranny, cleaned up, coated with anti-sieze, and reinstalled.

  2. The plug to the park-neutral safety switch needs replaced. This is not available through Ford. This is the part Jayco has for $15, or the whole harness for $45.

  3. The left strut needs moved to the passenger side, and a new one (included) needs put on the left (driver’s side.) there wasn’t one available when I needed to drop teh car on it’s wheels, so I put the new right side one on teh left, and didn’t reconnect the brakes.

  4. Driver’s side brake line needs installed from the master cylinder to the caliper. it’s there, it just needs installed, after the strut is swapped.

  5. The battery tray, relay box, airbox holder is all crushed and needs replaced. I do not have these parts.

  6. The ground cable needs re-installed.

  7. The front headlight wiring needs spliced back together with the old wiring harness above the left wheel.

  8. The windsheild wiper motor and wiper cowl needs reinstalled.

  9. All exterior body panels need trimmed in, lined up and bolted on.

  10. Front brakes need replaced (I have those, they come with the car)

  11. Interior needs washed out, vaccuumed. there is mouse damage.

  12. Interior needs reassembly, including dash board. dash board is out of car. I have the dash, but was going to dye it to match the rest of the interior.

  13. Some interior pieces are missing. I am not sure which ones from memory, but there are some including a few seatbelts.

  14. Airbag module and clockspring need replaced. I do not have these parts.

  15. There is no radiator or a/c condensor for this car. Those parts will need to be bought. there are a few a/c lines that need replaced, also.

  16. car needs a battery.

  17. all four tires are shot.

  18. front clip needs repainted and blended into the front doors.

that’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but there is probably more. Like I said, this is not something you should do without experience. I am not going to finish this car. I have other priorities, and the extra money is not worth it. This car would be great for parts. I do suggest you come look at the car, before commiting to buy. You have to see it for yourself. if this car doesn’t sell for $500, I am keeping it for parts.

apparently my last post scared everyone away. AS it should have. I stated this car is good as parts only, or for an experienced bodyman.

Here’s what I’ll do.

I am going out of ZX2 escorts, and into early VW bugs. I probably won’t need a ZX2 parts car for a long time.

Make me a best offer on this car. Just give it a shot. If I take it, you win. There is a lot of car, here.

I jsut want it gone, now. Remember though, scrap meta prices in teh area are still at $8.50 per hundred pound. What that means is the car is worth quite a bit just as scrap metal.

try me, if you really want it.

I have lots of new parts to go with it.


$350 is as low as I’ll go. I’m putting it on the auction block on friday.