99 ZX2 5spd gray interior and other stuff

Hi, I am relatively new to the forum so if Im not doing this right let me know. I am setting up my 99 ZX2 5 speed for racing and I have an almost complete gray interior for sale. The only parts not for sale are the front seats. I am not setting any prices so just make an offer and we will go from there. These parts are used but in good condition.
air bags
steering wheel
rear seats
all pannels
radio with heater controls
spare tire and kit
arm rest
door pannels
I’m not looking to get rich off this stuff. You guys know what prices are fair, so offer for what you want.
I also have most of the AC stuff and power steering (not the rack yet)
email is the best way of contact.


i’m in the market for a passenger door panel… although i think shipping will be a bit dear… can u let me know how much it would be to 92592?


Wow… USPS wants $107. I based it on 40"x30"x6" and 10 pounds. If you can find cheaper… Make an offer. As it stands, I’m sure you can find it cheaper locally.

you might try fedex, they’re usually a good deal cheaper on large items. did you get my pm?

didnt see any pm… message box is empty.
the usps site quotes priority mail only, if u shipped parcel post it would be a lot less (but still probably too pricey compared to the 20 bux it cost here to pull one at a j/y.

maybe we can trade something? i have lots of stuff :wink: