98 zx2 overhaul, need help/suggestions

****** I want to stay in a reazonable price range, i don’t have tons of cash to through at this ,its going to be like a year or more long project******

Ok, so i have a 98 Z that is coming up on 160k miles. The only mod done is the kamen air intake that i made. then i have some enkei rims with kuhmo tires, but those are all going to be replaced soon i hope. Anyway, i am planning to drive my car while i find an engine block with much less miles and store it in my garage to work on. I have made a huge list but i don’t know enough about engines in general to properly look and compare parts. (im great with my engineering skills and can do all the work myself and piecing it together fine) I just don’t know the specifics like valve sizes, piston sizes ect… so i figured i would post up what i want and what i have found and see what you more experienced guys (and girls) think or suggest.

Overall i want to use a stock zetec block with a ported (and polished if possible) head. New cams, new reinforced rods, new forged pistons and rings, 19# injectors with new fuel pump, 4-2-1 headers, pnp TB, new ATX tranny (don’t want to swap for MTX, sorry), New torque converter, half shafts, new O2 sensors, new belt and tensioner, new timing belt, and last engine mod is a tuning of some kind. After that im hitting the suspension with adjustable coilovers, energy suspension everything, (already have 19mm RSB). new bearings, tie-rod ends, strut tower bar, and last is a rear disc brake conversion.
This is everything i want done, my list is posted below

1998 Ford ZX2 overhaul
Part(s) Approximate Price ($) Location
Exhaust system 500 Mad hatter
Engine 300-600
Transmission 200-600
Headers 100-250 racer-union.com
Headers 300 majesticmodifications.com
Engine torque mounts Rear-lower 26 ZXtuner.com
19mm RSB bushings 33 ZXtuner.com
25mm FSB bushings 33 Zxtuner.com
Tie-rod end boots 21 zxtuner.com
19lb injectors 166 Zxtuner.com
Bosch-Iridium-Fusion / Spark Plug 35 Autozone
O2 sensor (x2) 130 Autozone
Spark Plug Wires - MSD 8.5mm 95 Zxtuner.com
Fuel Pump 190 autozone
Timken front wheel bearing (x2) 65 Autozone
Valuecraft tie-rod end (x2) 25 Autozone
Carparts wholesale radiator 105 Ebay
Radiator 125 Autozone
Duralast water pump 50 autozone
Flexalite Oil cooler 130 Ebay
Braided steel hose sleeves 30 Ebay
Gatorback/belt 35 Autozone
Duralasast/ belt tensioner 50 Autozone
I know there is much more, but i didn’t find it all, this is what i have so far, so any thing else you think i may need would be great too

I don’t care if you make fun of me or grill me on shit but just help me out please. Im a quick learner so any info and details would benefit me greatly too. THANKS

there’s no use in modifying the short block if you’re wanting to stay na. thats a big chunk of change that you can apply elsewhere

;) Who says i want to stay na? the only things that i don't plan on doing are a body kit and turbo and mtx swap, the swap is a no just because occasionaly i have to share the car and no one else besides me know how to drive a manual. the body kit im not because in the town i live in, thats just asking to be broken into, and the turbo is a no-go because i like the idea of a naturally aspirated 4-banger, i dont need a turbo to kill civics around here.

Everything else is going to scream , eff you! lol i want a baddazz car and im willing to put in the hours to get it there, i love my zx2.

now:… would the gude pnp head be the best choice? and for headers, i know everyone has a preference, but im looking for a 4-2-1 set up. i was looking at the zxtuner one but the pics of it don’t look right, compared to the ones i have seen.

alright well to edit the original post, i have decided to go with a complete GUDE head package, a stock block, eagle rods and ford racing pnp TB. I still would like some suggestions on headers and pistons. The exaust im between magnaflow flowmaster or borla. I want a deeper tone, not that ricer or fart cannon sound.

I am an idiot! :lol: for what ever reason, the day i responded by saying that ^ I was thinking na meant not applicable… wth was i thinking, it hit me when i thought about it later, you meant naturally aspirated… my bad, and yes i do plan to stay na. I just want to rebuild m z so that it uses performance parts everywhere so that it runs with the most effiency possible and have a great amount more of power when i do need to squish a honda or mazda. plus i want to keep this car for many years to come and i know it won’t make it without my rebuild. The morons who owned it before me drove it into the ground, but with all the work i have already put into it to maintain and fix it i see the cars potential. plus it is a unique car and engine, that really suit me and my driving style. as im sure alot of you can relate :wink: