98 to 00 ZX2 compatibility

I have the opportunity to get a cheap 1998 zx2 that I can use as a parts car for my 2000 zx2. However I was wondering what the differences between the two will be. Can anyone give me a brief rundown?

At the very least the MAF and intake will be different. Everything else should me more or less the same. But the transmission on those 98s are sought after due to their gearing.

Anyone have any more on the list?

I was told the 99.5+ has a 6 wire MAF , anything prior was 4 wire (i have a 99, not a 99.5 so mine was 4 wire)… the transmissions still bolt up the same from what I was told. The motors are no different that I’m aware though?

I think the crank gear is different, as far as the motor goes 98-99.5 has shimmed lifters, whereas the rest are 1 piece. The ccrm is wired differently and can be figured out by the maf, that’s the reason people ask which maf a car has.