4 disc brakes

Hey everybody , does anyone know were I can find a 4 disc brake kit…


Well, Jayco has a set. Hes mentioned R&D for a custom quad piston system which would include making a new front set so you would have all four custom machined.

I’m not sure what the poll was about, but I voted stock, stock on a Mustang and a Taurus. Jayco mentioned that once. Darth Maverick that is my vote for avatar of the year.

lol. Thanks. Not mine originally though, a guy over at teamzx2 had it in his sig and I asked permission. :smiley:

ill sell you a rear disc barke conversion kit all new parts etc, complete 775.00 for new stock and 995.00 for performance…

Not bad for all NEW parts…

that’s not bad at all…

this will be a while in the making since im busier than all h*ll

what is the spacer for that i keep hearing i need? i need an in depth of how to do this conversion. i just bought everything off of a 1991 ford escort gt(from the knuckle down no cross member) and need to know what all i need to replace and how to do it all

At this time since jayco is no longer around, all members may be reminded that an S/R 4 disc brake setup can be ported from your S/R to a stock ZX2 with modification…

there is actually an easy way to convert to rear disc that doesnt involve switching the rear spindle etc, ill get you a write up this week.

Would love to hear it :slight_smile:

me too, iirc the drum spindles don’t have mounts for the caliper brackets

the rear disc brake spindle/caliper/e-brake cable from:

1991-1996 escort gt/lx-e
1991-1996 mercury tracer lts
1990-1994 mazda protege
1992-1995 mazda mx-3
1999-2000 zx2 s/r

will fit on any drum brake zx2. the conversion is not that bad. i sell the used conversion parts at my store, p/n 2008

STORE LINK http://zxtuner.com/product.sc?productId=232&categoryId=37