3.5L Altima 5spd v.s. SRT-4 w/ exhaust

I pulled up next to a blue srt here in Abilene…the light turns green and i get on it in 1st a little showing him that i want to race. He doesnt do anything and just puts it in 3rd and keeps driving. We get up to about 40-45mph and then he pulls up next to me…and without warning downshifts to 2nd and takes off. By the time I got it down into 2nd gear he had about 1.5-2 cars on us…he slowy stops pulling me while im in 2nd and then i shift to 3rd…i then start to walk back slowly. He then cuts me off and hits his brakes…then turns. :frowning: With a fair race im sure we would have walked away from him.

Im pretty sure all the srt had was side exhaust (looked like shit) and a upgraded BOV. (mopar bov)

By the way…its my sisters 2002 Altima 3.5L 5spd. Pretty badass family car.