2nd transmission


long story short - had trans. rebuilt by local reputable garrage, from the git go it had a hiccup like action when coming to a stop and when starting off slowly - like it cant find the first or second gear to slide in to. kept taking it back, he made it worse - started slipping real bad. I got pissed off and decided fuck him. got a used trans. with 60,000 miles frm a junk yard, now it is doing the exact same thing the first one was doing - hiccuping. I cant help think its something the first guy did to fuck it up, becasue its the exact symptoms of the first one ? Could he have rebuilt it and fucked it up and now his fuck up is showing on the latest trans ? and if so what could it be ? I have checked the wiring and cleaned the connectors. I have researched alot, what i have come up with is that it might be harnessess or, like I said he might have pulled some wires to hard or something. if it is the harnesses, i dont know how to replace them.

…and the manual lever position sensor/shifter-shift cable relationship/adjustment has been checked against the shop service manual information???