2k se to Permium+S/R packages

8/23/2021 I purchased a 2000 ZX2 SE ATX in great condition.
my 2002 Premuim edition ZX2 is permanently OOC due to rust through of frame rails and floor pan.

I am transferring parts from the '02 to the 2K.
So far, the intake and factory CD changer is all I have transferred, the CD changer in the 2K was missing when I got the car. and the A/C needed recharged, otherwise the car is impeccably clean, it does have the expected dents and dings from 21 years of being a daily driver, but has 0 visable rust!!! (except for two spots on top of the radiator support)

Parts removed from the '02 so far; Sony Head unit, amps, subwoofer, GPS, Satelite Radio. ECU, center console, S/R gauge cluster, doughnut spare, spare cover, trunk floor liner, trunk weather seal.

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Should post some pics!