2006 ZX2 Motorsports Holiday Giveaway!

Ok people I have a number of guage sets to give away from S&H Auto Tends. More details to come but get ready to win them.


Face Plate puller


Touch up Paint from Ford OEM


The Black TB


19mm Sway Bar


I’ve been looking for the white ones for ages now. Nowhere in Canada can you get them. How much are they retail? I neeeeeeeed the white ones bad! PM me with the price, please!!!

Go here http://www.sh-autotrends.com/

A list of all the guages they make for the ZX2

If they don’t have what you want go here and ask
S&H Auto Trends Vendor Forum

TYler from S&H makes GREAT guages they fit like OEM and are worth the money 100%

Who ever gets one of the Guage Sets, please create a How-To.

I can do that. Mine went in like butter no suprises at all very very install on our car. THe Guages fit like OEM absolutly perfect fit.

Ooh, looks neat. Nick, you said the SCT can reprogram the car to use the 150mph guages right?

I’m not sure about that.

Ah, hence why I asked. heh.

I think it might be as easy as changing you speed sensor. I will look into the part numbers tomorrow sometime and see. I have another item to add to the list of giveaways, but I’ll have to add it tomorrow.

I might be early on this but how do we win this stuff? Is it just a random chosen person orr what?

I’m not an SCT pro, but I do know the program pretty well. I don’t recall anywhere in the advantage programming where you can change the spedo to use a 150 mph faceplate.

I’ll dig deeper, but my first inclination is no.

OK, I dug deeper.

As far as making the change to a 150 spedo, you can’t do it with SCT… I know it’s an amazing package, but it does have it’s limitations I guess. :cry:

You may be able to do it the way that Ironmark has stated, I know that rob sells conversion kits but they are pricey.

Perhaps Zxtuner and S&H can make a deal so that if you purchase designed guages from S&H, you can add the cost of the speedo conversion from Zxtuner.

I don’t know, they can work out the details.

What do the guages look like at night?

  • Darron

What color does the white S/R numbers light up in?

Stock green would be cool…


how do you enter?

^please tell me/us how to enter,…


were not sure on enterance’s or how we are doing it as of right now everyones enteredwe are just going to pick things and ppl at random.

you know what. i have a idea Admins to the bat cave…

We have a bat cave? Sweet.

Not that I’m an admin, just like knowing the cave is here.