2006 Eclipse

It looks like the car has a wide body kit. Not sure what to make of it yet.

i saw one in person… it actually kinda looks like the 350z.


It’s right on thier homepage!

looks pretty nice. beefy powerplant to, i likes. hmmmm, ponies.

[b]looks like a 2nd gen Eclipse & an Audi TT roadster had an offspring…lol

Looks great[/b]

It’s sweet but I think I’d rather have a new Mustang GT all tricked out for the same money as a tricked out eclipse

The `05 Mustang GTs have some serious suspension float problems starting at about 67mph…it only gets worse from there. That’s why I didn’t buy one for myself.

Just take a look at the profile of the car. It looks like its got tons of lift! Don’t get me wrong it looks beautiful, just not functional.

Which one? The 06 Eclipse, or the 05 Mustang GT?

Sorry about that, the Stang.

after working on first and second gen dsm’s i dont like the 06 eclipses at all … exspecailly since they backed out on putting the awd set up back …

A little Japaneese birdie tells me that they will eventually release an AWD version in the U.S. This little birdie comes from the land of 3 diamonds. :wink:

Domo Arigato, Girinogga San[/color][/i])