2006 Bugatti Veyron ****DROOLLL****

check it out!!!


That car is cheaper than the 2005 Ferrari FXX @ $1.7Million (US). You also get more Horse Power.

The thing about the veyron which confuses the hell out of me is the engine block. Technically it’s a W style engine, though they claim it ISN’T it’s just “slightly offset” in the piston positions, however if you look at a volswagon engine it looks the same!

The car is an insane car and a work of art though.


  • Darron

Yea, awsome car. Took 3 years till it finally made it to production.

Yummy… :stuck_out_tongue:


here’s the thread i made over at teamzx2.com a while back. tons of useful info and lots of pics. not 56k friendly.