2003 alternator removal

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I need to take out the laternator on my 2003 zx2, and from where it is positioned it doesnt look like a simple task. Thanx

It’s a patience game…for me at least. I’ve replaced mine twice and it’s just real tight spaces. Be patient and give yourself plenty of time to do it.

  • Darron

It does take patience, and a deep 10mm socket. This is for removing the reservoirs (coolant and washer fluid). Once those are out of the way, the job gets alot easier. Have fun.

Still a P.I.T.A.

  • Darron

Did you get it done? You’re right, it was a pain in the @$#, but there are worse jobs in that engine bay. I found that out when I put my engine in.

Don’t say that, lol! I’m getting ready to rebuild my old 02’s engine with the help of another member, and I’m dreading the install process.

It’s not too bad, actually, if you take your time. Are you completely removing the motor? If so, that’s a perfect time to replace the water pump, and the serpentine belt as well. Much easier with the engine out, and lots of room.

Hmm. Not a bad idea. I might just swap the pump from Nova, cuz that was serviced like 3 months ago. Whats going on is I’m letting damnit from teamzx2.com have my 02 for the body, and in return he is gonna lend his expertise and time to porting and rebuilding the 02’s engine to put in Nova. Since it the whole engine is gonna be out we are also gonna do (dramatic music) A MTX SWAP! yay! Provided I can find a donor car, or a totaly awsome 6 speed to drop in.

Sorry, kinda thread jacked there.

If your just removing it. Its not all that difficult. I removed mine then I installed my udp to try and install an alternator odp. I did not get the alternator odp installed btw. :frowning:

Remove your washer fluid reservoir. jack up the passenger side. remove the front passenger wheel. Loosen the belt tensioner. remove alternator.

Am I forgetting something?

Thanks for all the help. It did take a lot of patience and was such a pain.