2001 atx engine revs when using left blinker at speed

First off, wtf? I noticed it yesterday while passing someone on interstate doing about 75. I felt my engine run a little harder, despite even pressure on the gas pedal. When it did it again, I looked at my tach, and it did indeed jump about 300 rpm when I activated the left blinker signal. It always revs for about five seconds before returning to normal. It did it again consistently this morning, but it would not do it on my commute home.
This can’t be a common problem. Any ideas what might be causing this? Perhaps the more important question is how much it’ll cost to fix. Thanks for the help!

This sounds very much like the torque converter is unlocking. I noticed that in my '98 every time I lift off the gas, even a smidge, the TC will unlock. One of these days I’m gonna find a way to hack the PCM and change the logic for the TC (Torque Converter). It’s hard to say whether or not your TC unlock is actually related to the turn signal or not, you may be unconsciously lifting slightly on the throttle. Try to pay close attention to what you are doing and then report back to us.

you could just rewire the tcc control solenoid to a switch.

Being a thirty year mechanic, I’m not one to stare at the check engine light. There was a reason that I got an automatic, mainly due to stop and go traffic and the need to have both hands on the wheel whilst trafficking with the local combat commuters. The TC lockup feature accounts for an easy 4-7 miles per gallon on our little mexican mazdas and at the current price of gasoline, that means something. A switch would be a band-aid and I’m all about a cure.

Okay, I made sure that I wasn’t depressing or releasing the throttle but holding steady pressure and hitting the left blinker–bam, as soon as the blinker goes, so goes the car. I repeated the test at 55, 65, and 75; while less noticeable at 55 and 65, it still revs. It does not, however, happen at 25. Cruise control issue?

Hmmmmmmm . . . . how much RPM gain exactly? What does the car do if you hit the hazard flashers?