2000 ZX2 S/r Escort trany is going out

How much does it cost to rebuild a trany or just put syncronizers in it. Sorry about the spelling.

you would have to check with a tranny specialist, unless you D-I-Y. Im guessing somewhere around $500 and up.

When you find out, put the price up here, I am going to need to get my syncros replaced (or I have HAD to for over 2 yrs now.) It is to the point of where I have to rev match between 2nd and 3rd. It sometimes grinds from 3rd to 4th also.

Each syncho will run you almost $100 from Ford. If you take out the tranny yourself and send it out it will cost you approx $400 in labor to rebuild. If you don’t take it out yourself it will cost you approx $500 to have a shop take it out, on top of $400 to rebuild, on top of $400 in parts (all synchros, and bearings)

Thank you guys

i can get you a new transmission for 1250.00

If you want your rebuilt with new brgs, seals and synocronizers would cost around 750.00