2 years

2 years since i have been in a bad accident in my first car a tib. i got hit head on by a drunk and broke my back i was going 25 he was going 65 then boom it was 1130 at night and he had no lights on and was in a black car

Broke? Ow man, I thought that was a fatal thing.

i got lucky im fine can move and lift with lil pain. but i was going 25 the speed limit and he was going 65
i have a pic if u want to see
u can im me on aim or msn

Spinal injuries are not always fatal, however, they are about the closest you can come to death…

That sucks that you had to go through that burrhead2o. Im glad to hear that you have healed up and I hope that you have been appropriately compensated for your injuries.

every thing is taken care of and my back is 98% healed ill post a pic later


my car after

That sucks alot. Well at least you live to tell the tale :wink: oh and to post on here!

im glad i can be here to make this site that much better lol

After all our conversations you never said anything. Glad you survived the accident. I hope to talk to you for many years to come.

mabie i have 175 stitches in my arm from snow skating lol

At least snow skating injuries are mostly your fault not the retardedness of others drinking and driving. Congrats on the mile marker, and keep making the most of your life.

  • Darron

I hope you sued the crap out that guy, because that pain will be with you for the rest of your life.

dont worry it was taken care of the only problem is that he lives a block away from me

yea they are my fault but they still hurt (snow skating)