???2 Inch Drop???

I was working on my brothers Focus the last week, and I looked at his wheel gap and it was like half of what I have on my ZX-2. I have wanted to drop the car for some time now. But I want a bit bigger drop then 1.5 inch.

Does anyone know if there is a good spring out there in the 2.0 inch drop range?

Price is a factor but I will pay a little extra for good springs with more drop. I know Progress Tech has a like 1.7 front and a 1.5 rear. I will most likely have to settle for that, but I really dont want to. If someone knows something let me know… Thanks

Have you seen the large post I’ve been compiling for the last couple days?

Parts, Locations and Pricing

Sprints are 1.8"-2.0" i believe.

Iron, I have never heard of this Sprint brand. Is this brand any good? I really want a good product for my car. I think the fact that I have not heard of them makes me a little uneasy about spending money on them.

Mirror, you should add the Intake Manifold by Ford Racing on your list of parts…

Thanks for you help guys, let me know if you come by any other spring set ups.

not many people with ZX2’s use them. I have had them on my last 2 zx2’s however, I havent had experience with other brands. They are a bit on the softer side I believe.

Softer huh, I now I want to get a stiff spring. Not so stiff I rattle my teeth out, but at least stuff enough to take the turns alot better with. Yet drop the car enough to take out some of that nasty wheel gap. Thanks for the input guys. If you find out more let me know…

You could go with what was put on the S/R.

Eibach Pro-Kit & Tokico S/R Strut Set
That would be 1.2" drop in front and 1.0" in the back.

**Ironmark mentioned that the struts on his '03 used the Tokico Strut and had the exact same part number (M-18000-Z2). So before changing the struts, just make sure you check the struts you have because you may not have to replace them.

yeah it surprised the hell out of me to tell you the truth. I wouldn’t have wasted the $150 for performance struts if I knew I had them already.

Yeah I bought the Ford Racing Struts, then you guys told me about the ZX-2 may have them stock. So I checked that the next day, sure as hell I have them too. So I called Jegs and told them I did not want them. I got my money back like the next afternoon. So it all worked out in the end.

I want a big drop. Like a 2 inch or something. The only thing I have seen that was close was the Progress Tech springs. Thats a 1.7 in the front and a 1.5 rear. I had a friend that had the Pro Tech springs on his ZX-2 and I remember him wanting a bit more on the drop, he had 17s too. I dont know what I am going to do. Thanks for the help guys…