2.3L Stroker kit?

Has anyone tried the focus power 2.3L stroker kit? It looks more than a little expensive at $3900.

[url=http://www.focus-power.com/view.php?showme=Stroker_Short_Block]http://www.focus-power.com/view.php?sho ... hort_Block[/url]

But having just run across it I’m a little bit curious. I dont have the 4k to satisfy that curiousity first hand. I wonder what kind of HP that extra .3L’s of displacement is good for.

Probably better off spending that kind of money on a Jayco engine.

It’ll depend on the compresion ratio and other mods that are done… A wild guess is close to 200 crank HP and torque with the rotating assembly alone. Focus Power haven’t updated their site in a year, I wonder what’s going on with them.

Your top end will acually be hindered, but the torque would go up dramaticaly. The site is wrong, he is only selling the 5000.00 kit with the GCI block. for the cost and the hasle I would just have crower build you a stroker kit, then you can go with any kit you want, like my belovid 2.5L. But thats just me, I wont do buissness with Tom. He is not a bad guy, and from what i have heard he does good work. It’s just that I think he overcharges for his stuff. He sells the VCT delite for the SVT focus for like $100. ZXtuner sells the one for the ZX2 for $30. I have seen both and they are almost the same thing. not $70 worth of difrence. That is just me.

This staitment is flawed, it inplies that I have a 2.5L stroker kit. Sadly to say I don’t. I am building a turbo kit and engine but no stroker, Sorry for any missunderstanding.

Because I dont know. I’ll ask the question.
Why would a stroke kit hurt the top end even with the extra HP?

There is a very technical awnser that I could show you in person… but I am not smart enough to spell on this computer, Yet I will try. umm ok, because the piston has farther to travel, and the crank longer rotational radius it will cuase more stress on the engine on the top end ( upper RPM bands) It will make more power throw the hole spectrum. But you can get a 2.0 to rev up fast and to a high RPM than a stroked engine.

All that said, my next engine is going to be a 2.5L @10.5:1 comp and S/C. :mrgreen:

If my explination doesn’t make any seance I am sarry… let me know and i will try to correct it.

What type of blower are you looking into?

the power works kit for the focus with a custom intake