1st gen hot wheels

I found a 1st gen hot wheels car. WOO HOO

its a 81 Escort GT. I grabed 2 just to put away.

Nice! Pics?

Ill se what i can Do

Cool, but TTIWWP.

Nice to hear from you cone. What does TTIWWP. mean?


hers a link to the car. It also comes in red.

That is very neat.

That is one hell of an emote. Whats it mean?

Acronym Definition

TTIWWP This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures

Thanks for helping out with the acronym, zx2ms. I have been away for the house and computer for a while. No iPhone for me, I can buy a set of R compound tires for that kind of money.

Thanks for the link. That Pacer is one ugly car.

One of my prized possessions is a Hot Wheels Renault R5 T2. I really wanted the real thing, but could only afford the Hot Wheels version. And, I occasionally still dig up an old Hot Wheels or GI Joe from where my son had them buried in the back yard.

I should probably dig where my old sandbox used to be…

Damn! The old Escort came with big old hooser tires on it? And look at those chrome rims. Sweet…