1999 ZX2 w/ SLK Taillights

I have a 99zx2 it has newer brakes, rotors, tokicko suspension, timing belt,also slk taillights, rims, shaved trunk, shaved door handles, shaved antenna, front end needs to be finished so does rear, has like 117xxx miles on it cold ac, intake, muffler (oval kind not fart can).

BAD: auto tranny that has no reverse and TitleMax has the title.

I am wanting to trade this for something with a title due to all the aftermarkets on it. need soemthing that runs or needs little to run. if you want the title you can pay for it and we can go get it. just let me know what u have to trade, i will also take 700 with rims and hood 600 with just rims or hood or 500 with no rims or hood. you can e-mail me at grantrappuhn@yahoo.com