1999 gold zx2 for sale

Hey guys i am in the market in buying a new car and i need to get rid of this car before i can get one. It is a 1999 gold ford zx2 with 70,xxx miles automatic transmission. The car is clean with no mechanical problems. its located in LA california. the car does have a salvaged title but nothing is wrong with the car it was hit on the driver side door which was repaired by professionals we completly changed the whole driver side door so it had no problems. I am asking 3,000USD OBO.

The car has cloth seats, manual windows and seats, premium sound, a/c and heater. everything in the car works.

If you guys need pics let me know ill get em for you.


I would say that pics would be very necessary. No one, that I can think of, would think about buying something (especially online) without seeing it, be it personally or by picture.

  • Darron

i got tons of pics but i just dont know how to post them on this forums can you help me out?

http://www.zx2ms.com/gallery2/v/1999goldzx2/ ther eyou go i uploadded the pics into the gallery enjoy

Cut that Air box and put in a K&N Air filter! It’s instant free mod

i bought a new car so like yeh no point :slight_smile: but if i sell it ill let the future owner know.

i know this is a dead post but …
i was just remembering what my car looked like stock a long long time ago