1998 ZX2 Hot Restomod

Just recently got back home and started working on my 1998 ZX2 again. I’ve slowly been collecting S/R parts to upgrade my stock to sort of a clone.

Recently just picked up some S/R wheels and had the powder coated. Not a huge fan of the color they were done in. I might have them redone again to match the OE color a little better…
IMG_1110 IMG_1109

I also did a paint correction and polish on the ZX2 to get it back to that original shine.
IMG_1120 IMG_1122 IMG_1118

I started also working on the brakes but ran out of time. I have the rear disc setup from a S/R that I am powder coating and adding on.

Next time I get home I have a bunch more part to get powder coated and put on.

Love it! Time to hit a u-pull-it and find a spoiler.

Looks good!, like Xeno said, you need a surfboard spoiler, to make it look like a S/R.

It has a spoiler, just not on at the moment due to the buffing.