1998 black ZX2 SC200 should I...

I own a 1998 ZX2 SC200. If you don’t know what an SC200 is, it was when a man named Bob Tasca of Tasca Dealerships in Rhode Island decided to create just under 200 special ZX2’s. The ZX2’s were given the name SC200 (ZX2 SC200) and many modifications. The new interior additions to the SC200 were a custom Jaguar leather interior (yes… there is leather in my ZX2—Courtesy of Jake Kaplan’s Jaguar), a semi-modified light-tan and darker-tan dashboard with “SC200” stitched on the passenger side airbag to match the leather interior, slightly re-designed seats with “SC200” stiched in the headrest, a moon roof, a sony 10 disc cd-changer in the trunk, and improved audio. In the exterior…a very recognizable modification to the SC200 is it’s cloth top. This makes it look like a convertible. For the color of the SC200’s that were produced there were three.

Black with a tan top (mine)
White with a Blue top
and Red with a tan top

But most of all, my favorite modification is the new 16" chrome 5 spoke rims with SC200 in the center. These rims make the car.

For a fellow Zx2 owner, just as all of you, when ever I see a Zx2, my head always turns in that direction. But Having an SC200 Zx2 is different because there were only so few made. If you have a seen a Zx2 in your travels, you are only one of a few to catch a glimpse, they are mostly all in the north east.

Considering what I have is so rare, do you think that I should modify my SC200 even more, or keep it in it’s original wanna-be-luxary-sports-compact state?
Please give me your opinions on if I should start to modify.
I will be posting pictures up in the next few days so you can keep an eye out for them.
Until then…does anybody have anything else to add about the Sc200?

-Kevin the new Kid

Hey, about time we heard from a sc200 owner. I live in RI and was the first to report about seeing ZX2’s with cloth tops and then discovering the SC200 were special ZX2’s Bob Tasca customized. One of many vehicles Tasca does this too. The latest is a Mercury Montego they did up similar and named it the M 600. It’s pretty cool. Has side vents on the fenders.

But anyways, you should customize it, but if I were you, just don’t touch the cloth top, and the interior parts. Like go nuts with the engine and exterior body parts. So if you ever wanted you could always return it to its sc200 state.

Wait dude, I just saw you live in Coventry, PM, we could meet sometime, lol. Your probbaly like 5 mins from me, lol.


ya pics
As far as modding it id leave the exterior alone and just do proformance and suspension mods. if its that rare leave it . it’s like the 99 s/r in a way only a limited num ever existed. good luck in whatever u do :wink:
keep us updated and i’d love to see what it looks like


  • Darron

Hey, for all I know this could be his, lol. This is one I got a pic of like over a year ago. To the right of the lisence plate, you can notice the SC200 badge and the cloth top and rims.


Sorry Marco, trying to get rid of the red X. I dled the photo from photo bucket and uploaded it to your gallery.

hey, sorry guys that it took me so long to get my pics up, i just got to take them like yesterday. I’ll put some more up soon after I wax it and take them during the day on some grass or somthing…but they are finally here…tell me what you think!


front view




another front (right side)


back seat


SC200 stitched In the headrest


interior (left side) im still working on the 10 disc changer mounting.


SC200 in the dash


SC200 on the back


right door panel


the infamous cloth top


from the back

please tell me what you think

NICE LOOK’S :wink:
Dont change the interior at all i love the leather. Just a short throw on the inside . The outside, a ww kit something mild, keep the class look.And rims chrome set of the black and tan

What ever u do is up to you the car looks great! If you need any thing just post someone will know something about it.

i know its rare and all but … just looks tacky to me …

^ Agreed, its just, ugh yea…

Wow! I am impressed. Its always good to find out about a new model that you never knew existed. tacky or not, that is a sweet ride. I wouldnt change anything on the inside appearance wise. i agree with the short throw.

What does that thing have as far as upgraded performance? I know you said you havent done anything to it, but i meant from the dealer.

imm not too sure on it yet. Get some pictures during the day time and i think i can make a better decision on it

Looks kinda funny to have a moonroof in a cloth top…

  • Darron

Wow…ummm thats cool that you own one, but IMO it is butt ugly. It looks like a backwoods produced luxury car. But to each his own I guess.

You guys might think its ugly but consider your looking at night time pictures. I’ve seen plenty sc200s pass by me and they look really nice with the cloth top going by.

you should leave it the way it is. one day it’ll be worth a lot. plus the car is rare now, so why mod it? leave it in it’s original state.

I don’t know if I like that…I don’t think I would ever get one even if it is rare. The sunroof with the clothtop does look a lil’ weird…


I second that notion. I’m not all for it.

I like the interior so don’t TOUCH IT! :stuck_out_tongue: lol with the exterior I am not sure about what to do with it. I personaly think its one of those cars you don’t do anything with except keep it mint. Who knows when I am older I might offer you alot of money for a rare car :stuck_out_tongue: I think I would keep it the way it came.

Just my thoughts :wink: