1994 Cbr 600

Hey guys,
Well I broke down this week and got a bike. With this it was time for me to get something new I don’t know much about. With this I purchased a 1994 Honda CBR 600. With this it has a newer custom paint color that changes colors as you walk around it and has been fully tuned up for the most part. I’ll be cleaning up the body and eventually making it flawless within time. I am hoping to keep this for many many years. I wanted to get at least one bike in my life time and hold it for awhile. Pic’s are below:

Next on the list is a pickup. As many of you notice I have many toys. I am getting ready so when I do find my house I am set for a long long time. Sports car(zx2), Daily Driver(Mazda6), Winter truck and DD(Hopefully Ranger or Chevy 1500), Bike(CBR600)





looks great buddy. cant wait for the mods :]

Haha thanks. Right now it already has a slip on and a K&N. Full race manifold is in the corner that needs to be sand blasted and powder coated done again. After that I will leave this for awhile making sure everything works properly.

Nice f2. They’re fun, and make badass fighters.

Really digging the F2. Buddy is getting a F3 tomorrow it sounds like. My other buddy has a 08 600rr. Were all ricers. I want to try a v twin one day though. Something like Derek’s.

grats on the bike man i know it means a lot to you and you’ve wanted one for a while. congrats and welcome to the addiction.

Yeah, dude the bike looks good. Well, the color and shape of it…i’m not one for the mechanics lol

Thanks Amanda.

Nice picture you have for yourself hahaha.