1974 F7C vs snow?

Hmmmmm I’ve ridden my ninja a bit lately and given it a warmup but I have not jumped on my dirt bike in AGES, the poor thing is sitting in a barn screaming “RIDE ME PLEASE!”

So I’m contemplating taking out in the field at my parents house 30 minutes away, 2 acres, packed snow and a 2 stroke 175cc 1974 Kawasaki Enduro with THICK tread. I’ve seen people ICE RACE but ummm… they fell a lot.

But then again I’m not exactly afraid to go all out and have fun.


You had better make a video! Do some jumps over snow backs, or better yet! A shot where you just plow throw a pile of snow throwing the snow everywhere!

take it from somebody who used to race mx … do it!!! just be careful and wear a helmet

An F7C WITHOUT wearing my helmet HELL NO!

I ride in full gear!

I wanna see some insanity! :twisted: It’s good for the soul. :lol:

  • Darron

I say go for it!! :twisted:



That was a blast, I only got 10 seconds of it on tape (5 seconds of it was my fiance pointing the camera at the ground) so we’ll try to get it taped again this sunday. But I was having a BLAST! Though unfortunately I did drop the bike a few times, nothing was hurt, I wasn’t hurt… etc… no biggie.

Glad that it was as great as expected!! :smiley: Definetly do get footage up ASAP though…


Yeah…upload 'em in our gallery, or if you’re not permitted, e-mail 'em to me and I’ll upload 'em.

  • Darron