will 18s fit on a z with out rubbing

Ask Yellow2000S/R, he’s got em on his silver Z.

That likely depends on your suspension set up and what tires you get. If you’re still 4x4ing on stock suspension I’m sure it’s much easier to stop the rubbing. But I’d stick with 17’s so you don’t have as much an issue, plus they’re likely to be a little lighter. If I’m wrong about the weight, go for it. You can check tirerack.com for their tire size recommendations. They’re a really good source of information.

  • Darron

I have a set of 18’s for my ZX2, I needed a 1/4in rear spacer. but other than that there great. I’m running progress springs…

Jen has 17s on hers, but it rubs a bit in the back right side. If you get a low low profile tire, then it should be fine.

I have that same issue.

  • Darron

roll your fenders…