14.3 at 101 mph

My new best time. This is with a 2.4 sixty foot. The next time I go the wife is going so I’ll have video. I also wondered why it took a full 2 seconds to make full boost between shifts. I tore the turbo apart a few days later to find the exhasut housing cracked all the way through and the weld on the #1 primary cracked. All of that is fixed now and I have a TO4E turbo in the car. If I can fix this boost creep we’ll see if this wore out Escort can run 13’s.

Do it up bud and get some video’s. Do you think there will be a chance of seeing it this year? Since its getting later in the season yet with cooler temperatures better times as well.

boy that 2.4 60 ft time is what did you in… 2 flat for example would have given you solid mid 13’s.

great times none the less…


I’m going back October 14th. The only tires I have are Dunlop touring tires so that 60’ won’t get any better.

Ya let us know on what you get next time. Guessing the lsd is working great for you?