$10 discount to all zx2ms members!

Active zx2ms.com members get a $10 discount on their orders at zxtuner.com

How do i get this you ask??

Well there are two requirements…

  1. Become a member of zx2ms.com and post a message on this board, either to respond to an existing post or just introduce yourself and your car.

  2. At zxtuner.com, order up your parts and enter the coupon code “zx2ms” before finalizing their transaction online. You will see the $10 deduction off the completed order.

So if you have plans for giving the zx2 a little love and power, become a zx2ms member and enjoy the privileges at zxtuner.com!


Wish this was around a week ago :wink: ill be buying more parts soon though!


This is very kind of you. Thank you for the support of the community and i’m sure the community is glad to support back. Thanks! Very cool!

i see myself ordering the s/r style knob and boot in the next couple weeks. do you have both in stock?

Thanks Rob. I like the support that your giving us here on zx2ms.com. With this we greatly appreciate it.

i’m here to help - you guys are a cool bunch and i’m glad to help promote you guys.

as for mr. carguy07, i do have the s/r knob in stock, but no boots though… i’m changing vendors on those and i have not received my new samples yet.


no probs - i’ll take car of ya on that one.


oh yeah got to use this bad boy today haha :wink: thanks rob

and i’ll give u the 10 bux for the last order too!

your cam will ship tomorrow, you should have it by the end of the week.

don’t forget to order lash caps prior to the fitting.


I have the set from the last one that potatoman had. Those should work right?

This particular cam is ground to .150" thick lash caps. You could have 0.085" or 0.100" caps.


He had these ordered not to long ago didn’t he? And it’s the exact same cam. So could it still be different?

Oh btw thanks rob you da man! I was wondering WTF that extra ten was for.

you’d have to measure them to make sure - the measurement is from inside the bottom of the cup to the flat surface on the opposing side.

the other 10 bux was me taking care of your last order…


How exactly are you supposed to measure them? I got like 5.42 or something like that.

??? Help haha

we should prolly discuss the lash cap measurements elsewhere - if someone read the title of this thread and then read than you only got 5.42 otr something, they might think i gave you less than a 10 dollar discount on the order - haha.

btw, did u try measuring up with the cam in the head yet? that will tell you if the hand me down lash caps will work with the new cam. if you get something more than .030" gap in the feeler gauge, then you have the wrong caps.