03 foglights

Well since i totaled my '00 i went and got an '03. I love the newer style front bumper/valance. But, mine didn’t come with foglights. I’m hoping to hit a junk yard and pull a pair off of another car. Does anyone know what all I will have to pull off to put them on mine?


That is a tough one. If you want it to appear stock you would need the lamps, the plastic holders for the lamps and the wiring that you would have to create or purchase from Ford. For a true stock look, you may also need to purchase the turnsignal bar on the steering column for the added peice. Yours might have it, it might not. I don’t know for sure.

If you want fog lamps, purchase some aftermarket ones with all the wiring included.

I did that with mine and my dad and I came up with a rather interesting mounting system. I’ll take pics and post a how too.

what car do you plan on taking them from? There’s a very slim chance of finding an 03 ZX2 in the junkyard…

Some of the foglights that the autoparts stores sell will fit in the stock spots. APC has a set that has blue tinted glass that fits, there’s also the smaller of the ones with the color rings. Wal-Mart sells a few sets that fit…

The reverse lights from the bumper of a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am will fit too.

To wire them up, you’ll either need the turnsignal bar from one that has fogs (it has any extra piece to turn the fogs on and off), or wire them to a switch or wire them to your headlights. You should check to make sure you can drive around with your foglights on in your state before you wire them to be always on though.

Those are the ones I have, the APCs with the color rings. Though I don’t use the colors. They don’t fit exactly in the slot, but its extremely darn close. The photos I posted are before I properly matched them up. I was lucky, I got em for 4 bucks.

thanks for all the help, i will probably find some aftermarkets that fit in the factory location and mount them on a seperate switch. Some pics of that mounting systems would be nice Darth.


I’ll try to get them up ASAP. I’ve got classes till 10 tonight and tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok first some pics.





Sorry about the blurry images, but you get the jist. The mounts that it comes with are too short to just bolt it to the frame, I had to run with that at first. But I just got some longer bolts and nuts and set it up this way. Assuming that you’ve removed the resonator, it makes the driver side light incredibly easy to install, the passenger requires a bit more patience and small hands. Just drill holes in the frame that correspond to where the slots are in the mount. Run the bolt through, and use a nut to lock the bolt itself down. then run nuts behind the mount, and another set in front of it, trapping the mount. You can slide the mount one way or another to get it level with the opening, then use the nuts to adjust the distance from the front bumper. I also used a few washers.

Hope that helps!

I have an 03 and mine also lacked foglamps but had the factory mount points. So
I ordered a set online for like $19 per side. And then I had to get a wiring harness’s from the ford dealer it ran about $18 for both sides. I checked prices with the dealer and they wanted $120 each not counting installation. I mounted the lights myself and when I had my car alarm installed I had the installer wire them to my daytime running lights and then wire in a cut off switch to the dash. He charged me $30 ontop of the alarm install.

So in total it ran me $86 buck to buy all the parts and wire it in. as opposed to the 120 that the dealer wanted for just a single light.

Bravo man!