'02 ZX2 Anyone need parts???

My charcoal gray ‘02 XZ2 was just totaled------ due to a broken axle… Nothing under the hood was damaged - Only passenger side door and front quarter panel was damaged oh and the windshield… Can buy back car for minus the salvage cost---- I will do if there are people out there in need of parts… Ask any questions you want… I do have a full WW kit and the Altezza lights in the back-- A brand new driver side headlight, have leather sets… dash kit for radio-- factory chrome 14’ wheels with brand new tires (one wheel scratched in accident and has a dent from previous, but think is ok)

Let me know if there is any interest

Thank you

I guess it would also be helpful if I let you know I am in the St. Pete/Tampa area of Florida

What Altezzas did you have? What kind of transmission?

  • Darron

they are the grey. background… trying to remember the exact color i got----

automatic transmission ---- perfect condition

Would you be willing to take the leather covers off the leather seats for shipping? just a matter of pulling the hog rings and carefully pulling the covers off!

I might be interested for a reasonable price.

Interested in the WW kit, your color matches my car.

I am going to make my final decision about keeping the car tomorrow-- saving it from salvage, just trying to find somewhere to keep it, thats been the problem----- I will definitely have the WW kit tomorrow---- use my e-mail jillrocks@gmail.com to contact me about it… I would be willing to take off the leather covers if i can keep the car somewhere… like I said I am expecting to hear back about that tomorrow and will let you know…

car will be available starting saturday

How much you lookin’ for on the Altezzas?

$125 on the altezzas

Got a K&N filter in car as well…

I may need a head. In the process of rebuilding; cam “bearing” on exhaust side looks pretty ate up. Price? I could pick up, live in Clermont area

I will have to check on a price and see if it is worth me breaking apart the engine. Can’t call a shop on the weekend will have a price on Monday…

My head is in good shape - I’ve owned the car since it was new and did keep up on all the oil changes and what not so I know it is in good condition.

If so would you be willing to pull it yourself?

I could probably do that. Still don’t know if maybe mine can be salvaged. Kinda’ running low on funds but I’ll let you know. How long you planning on holding on to the car? Should be starting new job soon and I’ll have more money… have no idea what a Zetec head goes for :?

could prob do the whole engine for $500 ????

I’ll give you 75 for the altezza’s plus shipping. Do you have the oem K&N filter or the intake system.

I emailed you about the WW kit and you havn’t replied. Please send me pics of the kit to ChillinZX2@yahoo.com with asking price.

…reminds me how well fellow tuners are around here… still no reply.

lights stil around haha?

do you got a shorty header?

this thread is dead for the most part. Look how many years ago it was posted