01' ZX2 wanna pull my hair out

Where to start… I bought a 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 automatic only had 34,000 miles on it. Before I bought it it had New timing belt, head gasket & seals. Bearings and all replaced with above work done (supposedly also the “mechanic” thought it was a PCM problem). I got the car to my house and it would crank but not stay started. So here comes all the fun. I replaced the gas tank, fuel filter, fuel pump, oil filter, battery, idler and tensioner pulley, serpentine belt (4 or 5 times), AC compressor, coil pack and wires, spark plugs and have the PCV value fixing to replaced that.

Here is my issues… Rough idle when stopped, stalls out on me (does all this way worse with AC running), kinda feels like it doesn’t want to shift or hesitates to go. If I push my oil dip stip down all the way it swears like crazy (if in pull it up some or open where you fill up the transmission fluid air hisses out and it stops). I’m lost on where to go now. I paid $700 fort the car and I’ve put almost $2,000 grabs into it (granted it say up for 7 years)

I need help! Advice what to try next.

Fixing to buy a water pump and water pump pulley and a belt tensioner as well.

P.s. some extra info it like to throw the code of misfire in cylinder 4 only code it ever throws

Sounds like there are a lot of issues with this. What condition are the spark plugs? Is the engine oil clean or does it look like there is metal shavings in it?

Only 34,000 miles and it needed all that work done to it? Perhaps you meant to write 134,000?

It may be a vacuum issue. I bought a 2003 for my son a year ago with similar idling issues.
Inspect/replace all rubber vacuum lines. These are less than $1 per foot. The largest cause for vacuum related rough idle is the vacuum elbow on the back of the engine intake. Replacements are found in the help section of any auto parts store.
Basically jack up the car and look at the line coming from the drivers side into the elbow. I believe the line is plastic, but the elbow is rubber.

There is also a rubber elbow on the pcv valve near the thermostat housing, but the elbow in the back is the worst culprit.