0 pulley's left

I just got done w/ a group buy on my pulleys. The first batch of them will be shipped out by the end of this coming week. I have 6 pulleys left for $93 each. This price includes a Goodyear Gatorback Poly-V belt, the 3" UDP, shipping and 3% Paypal fee. The reason i did not charge this in the group buy was because that is nearly 10% discount as most group buys are. If you want to send a money order then let me know and i will dock off the 3% Paypal fee. If i get your payment by the time i ship the group buy orders i will ship them w/ those.


where do I PayPal the $ to?



The space between is an “_” underscore.

PayPal sent,

can you email me or PM me when it ships?

Mac :smiley:

w-eeerd son. :slight_smile: