Well, if anyone noticed. Zxtuner has changed their format and many of the parts I was hoping to purchase don’t show up anymore.

Holy crap. Same here, a lot of mods I was saving to buy are… gone. I’m going to email Rob and ask if they just haven’t been added yet.

Well, Rob did make a post on Zxtuner.

Welcome to the new ZXtuner webstore. We apologize for the sudden change - please be patient as we rebuild the site to be larger and better than ever - many new parts are being added as well as all of your old favorites so please check back daily and watch our progress! A hearty thank you goes out to all who have supported us in the past 5 years and we hope you'll enjoy the new store and all the upcoming changes as well. We still plan to offer the same unique blend of Ford Sport Compact parts that cannot be found anywhere else. So please take the time to register as a customer and we hope once again we can fulfill your performance needs. Sincerely, Rob Green zxtuner.com

He is still in the process of updating his new site. He does still have alot of the parts he use to, just not on the new site yet. For example: he does still have the rotors, brake calipers, Rota wheels etc. Just call him or email him.