zxtuner.com is back up for your shopping pleasure!

Awesome… I am gonna go check it out.

Great! Thanks for the update.


hi all - i thought i’d just say hello and chime in to let you know i’m registered here as a member. i’m also registered at target club wedd too - :smiley:


Hi Rob!

Hello Rob

Hey! Welcome!

Welcome to the site Rob!

No wonder people can have difficulties getting in contact with him. He’s off galavanting around with some woman at Target scanning stuff to have other people buy for them!!! :wink: Welcome aboard Rob.

  • Darron

thanks guys - yes it’s official, i’m galavanting but not with a woman, with my zx2.

after fornicating with other cars and trucks, my zx2 has still remained patient and loyal, and i respect that in a car spouse.

therefore i asked her to marry me. she agreed and is making me wait to lubricate her until after the wedding.

we’re having a private ceremony at the DMV after we get the license all straightened out. (she’s agreed to take my name on her title). :smiley: :smiley:




  • Darron

Thats what Iam talkin about! :mrgreen:

With your cars Chris you could have a threesome. :smiley:

salutations Rob

Welcome to the site Rob. Lol, you are quite funny too :slight_smile:


thanks guys - i guess i never registered here before because i thought you need to have not only a ZX2 but also be afflicted with multiple sclirosis or live in mississippi.

who would have known the “ms” stands for motorsports!



That… was one of the funnies things I’ve heard all week.

Wow! :lol: