ZX2guy19, nice to meet you

Alright guys, well this is my first post, but I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Brad, I’m 18 and I’m from Columbus, OH. I’ve owned my ZX2 since October of 2005, when I was 15. I have known Derek for quite some time, and with the recent corruption of Teamzx2, I figured I would come on over here! I am probably most know for selling things on teamzx2, so hopefully someone can vouch for that over here. Nice to meet everyone.

Bought this car with 82k miles on it, 99 fully loaded atx with no sunroof, abs, or 6 disc. Everything else. I paid $2900 out the door for it. Not a bad deal back in 05.

The story of how I got it is actually a assholy epic story. My ex gf and I were car shopping for HER car, and we found this one. Her parents were going to get it the next day. Well, I loved it, and I was paying for mine and hadn’t found a better deal, so my dad and I went back and bought it that night. LAWL.

Day I got it:





Then, I decided to save up and get rims and a fart pipe. I got 17" Konig Reasons with crappy 205/40/17 Nankang tires. Gay. Also decided to ‘spice’ up my interior lol.




Then, I met my friend Brad, or ZX2Fast as you know him. He helped me a shit ton with the making of this car. He helped me do the 5-speed swap. During this time, I also converted all painted shit back to charcoal lol. Also installed a crappy Dual head unit


For and around Christmas of 2006 I got a Spec Stage II clutch, TWM SS, a full catback exhaust, powders UDP, an s/r boot, and lowering springs and struts for my bday. Also acquired a dual gauge pod made my seriousZX2 and a K&N intake. Somewhere in here I also got my windows tinted to 17%







Swirlies on for the winter


At ZX2Fast’s house: you can see where some faggot kicked my car lol


Then, a young boy got a dream. The dream was to make his car look like this:


About a year later and the acquirement of a CF hood and a black WW kit conveniently, it became this:


Then, Yellow2000s/r sold me some seats, and I had picked up some Sparco Pedals that Josh helped me install right before Cyberman’s meet:



Rolled over 100k miles and painted the cluster to resemble an s/r:


Picked up some nifty CF interior pieces made by CarbonTC. These are awesome and add a great look to the interior:




And, the day before I parked her for the build:





I’d like to thank my 96 Geo Prizm for being a crazy cheap with insane gas mileage DD

More to come tomorrow :]

As some of you know, I had plans to boost the car last winter, but after blowing 2 trans in 2 months, funds would not allow it. Some people think I gave up, but I didn’t. I was 17 and couldn’t afford to boost at that time. 1 year later, here is what my build will consist of. Most of it I have, some of it I still have to buy. This is what is going to be changed just this winter.

JE 9:0:1 Pistons
Crower Rods
Focus Central Billet Main Caps
CFM Billet Oil pump
Polished Crank
Clevite 77 Series Bearings
ARP Main Studs

PnP done by NDS Motorsports (more info to come later)
Ford Racing Intake Manifold
65mm Crown Vic TB
Crower Titanium Valve Springs
Crower Titanium Retainers
ARP Head Bolts

ZXtuner Custom 28 spline Axles
MFactory 28 spline Helical LSD
Gear treating by Steve
Spec Stage 4 Clutch


t3/t4 Master power turbo
Custom Log manifold
Tial 38mm Wastegate
3" Stainless Downpipe
Stainless Dump Tube
2.5" IC piping
71lb (or 60lb) RC injectors
80mm Cobra MAF
Tial Q Blow off valve

3" SS Trubendz with high flow cat, no res or muffler

Brand new Tokico’s
Ground Control Coilovers
21mm RSB w/ ES endlinks and bushings
Hawk HPS Brake pads
New front Cross drilled and slotted

E-boost 2
AEM Wideband
Autometer Volt and Oil pressure

15" Rota Slipstreams (17’s kept for show)
CF Invader hood
Black painted WW

3 Gauge pillar pod
Some type of new CD player, the dual broke
Went back to an s/r shift boot
S/r cluster

Power Steering Delete
A/c Delete

Tuned by http://www.dynotunemotorsports.com
SCT Xcal 3

Going for: 350whp daily, 400 track.

Hell ya bro. Nice to see you on here. I hope you enjoy it. It will be changing up here shortly on something else…which you will like I know

I used to have that autozone shift knob!!!

I had it for like 20 min. I installed it, hated it, took it off, threw it in the effin woods out of anger LOL. It wouldn’t fit right so I put the stocked back on :slight_smile:

Heh, nice to see that K&N I sold you came to some use. Whatever happened to it?

Haha yah dude I forgot you sold me that. I passed it on to Corbey from Teamzx2.

so a air filter is being slut on these cars?

Basically, yah. Larka has it now hahaha

nice build up so far and you have excellent plans zx2guy!

Your a traitor! Your ZX2 came from a HONDA Dealership! lol Welcome to the more mature community of the ZX2 guys.

Haha yah paid $2900 for it with 82k miles, fully loaded, mint condition. I love this car…

you hate that car…remember you sold it for a Malibu or was it a cobalt ss :wink:

I thought it was a sentra specV or something like that? :lol:

Very nice car good sir.

ask him for recent pics :wink:

where can I get the 99+ spark plug cover?

hey wicked do you mean the 98 valve covers? the one with the spark plug wire covers? I have 2 in my basement.

I am pretty sure that’s what he means