ZX2 Vs. ZX2

well on friday night i was driving home and on the way i switched lanes and seen another zx2 gold with a body kit and wing and muffler and nice rims but i wanted to say i have a stock zx2 but to the point i want driving past him and gave him a rev and then the light turned red i dident want to race but i did.

the light turns green so i take off i dont no but that guy couldnt drive worth shit because i killed him so ya i am new to all of the zx2 stuff i got a new bumper and hood the guy i bought it off of hit a pole but got a new stift boot and knob hopeing to get a short shifter and good names

Welcome and for the short shifter i got a B&M like s/r one but ive heard good things about the twm.

“You’re my boy Blue!”

Have you seen the car again?

no i want to tho meet the guy