ZX2 vs. Mercedes E32

Last week a couple of kids start revving on me in their (Im guessing) their mom’s E32 sedan at a stopsign. They were able to get a quarter length before I took off. That pretty much pissed me off since they revved then they took off before I could answer the challenge. So I revved my car up and took off. Next thing I know is that I just evened up with them, slammed into second gear, and left them in the dust.
There’s a stoplight up ahead and it turns green for the left turn. The kids try to follow but can’t keep up. Lesson of the day, never rev on a Zx2 and then try to pull a fast one, and never rev your mom’s car cause chances are you aren’t capable of driving let alone racing.

nice story, with a good lesson in it.

Yea, nice story. Short but oh so sweet. I can’t stand the little kids that think they are so big and bad and think they know how to race. Not that they will learn but nice job teaching them a lesson