zx2 video

Over the holiday i got a chance to check up with my oldest sons godfather.
He is a director (comercials,programs. etc…)for New Yorks public access channel. I was able to talk him into doing a zx2 video. I’ve got a few of my own ideas but i figured i’ll post it to get some other ideas, like songs, camera views , even thinking of morfing the it from the 1st. gen to the EXP to the 2nd gen to the ZX2 and S/R. I’ll be recruting some of the other ZXtuners to see if they want to be in it.

All ideas are welcome its being made for all of us so any ideas a good idea but be reasonable i dont have a ton of money and i’m paying for it !

If you need stills of anything, let me know and i’ll take some pics of my ZX2! :slight_smile:

I don’t have any particular ideas, but I’ve got a lot of pictures as well and even some videos. Depending on when you were gonna do this I may even come on down with mine to help out. (would have to be after winter 'cause she’s gonna be sleeping for the winter this year.

  • Darron

foos it wont be till spring when filming starts but i might take you up on the offer i’m thinking of getting a zx2 in ash gold with out to many body mods as a starter car for the video
like doing zz tops legs video but use the car instead of a girl getting all done up
like i said its all just ideas and concepts so give me some more ideas
i only just need a rough concept by jan/feb to know how much studio time i’ll need to reserve

PA huh? That’s not too far from me.

What type of video? A colloge of Z videos with some background music?

some thing like that i have a basic story line i was thinking of i’ll post it later when i have it worked out more

this is what i got worked out so far
intro} young man/woman buys a zx2 from a car lot goes crusin to where the sport compacts hang out
person is made fun of “YOU GOT A ESCORT MY GRAMMA GOT ONE” etc etc. etc
kid goes home logs on to zx2ms.com leaves a post on what happened
enter a group of “moddified” zx2 take the keys off the kid and take his car
car goes into a garage: door closes
garage door opens out comes a full done zx2

group of ZX2’S traveling down the highway together suround one of the cars that made fun of him the kids paces the car
READY , SET, GO, the zx2 stomps him !!!
later on that night he runs into the group he pulls up to the car he beat lowers the window lets him know “YOU GOT BEAT BY A ESCORT”
lights up the tires and drives away

the ending im thinking of a collage of escort pics w/ a monolog the original sport compact est…1984 with the first gen gt then going to the EXP then to
2nd gen then the 3rd gen zx2 and s/r
With the pics of the zx2 N/R as THE LOOK TO THE FUTURE

like i’ve said its just a idea everthing open to change its just a idea i came up with

dude… Scranton is not that far from me!! im down for whatever!

Hmm…if it’s close to Mark it’s probably a good distance for me…but I’m still game. I could get a Fri-Sun/Mon off some weekend. I’m willing to participate, but I don’t have any ideas really.

  • Darron

scanton is like hour from binghamton, ny, i believe down I-81.

Well, im 15 min from Harrisburg Pa. If you need any of my help, and depending on when it is, Im in. Got the S/R and if it is late enough into spring, i might have my kit on and painted.

scranton is about 250 miles from me, take me like 4 hours

binghamtom is only 45min to a hr from here

yellows/r is def in it i want at least 1 s/r
theres a EXP around here i’ll have to track him down to be in it

nodnarb85 vit should take u about 4hrs to get here my cusin lives in butler pa. and i dated a girl who lived in indiana pa so 3 1/2 hre to 4 hrs is about right

nice, depending on when exactly it is, Ill prolly b able to come up. My dad said it was like a 4hr drive, I just mapquested it and it is only 2hrs 20min 2 the center of Scranton from me. I can prolly do that. Just depends on school and whatever job I have then.

Wow Scranton thats like 5 min from me lol.Anyway i have tons of zx2 meets from the early days.If you want any most of them our other peoples zx2.Tom’s ZX2 should be done this spring.

older zx2 meet pics would be great for the ending to show how far some of the cars have come( like then and now)i’l have to talk to you to find out if there on film or digital format i was hoping to use toms zx in a lot of shots since he lives only 5 min. away
also thinking of doing the finally at cybermans meet if he has one this year

I love the idea of the story line, you HAVE to get one fo those shitty idiots with the GIANT wing and the 4 foot diameter can on a 2 door rusted out Civic, yep, sounds like milwaukee…lol.